Mario E. Rodríguez

Mario Rodríguez brings a renewed perspective on design to the team, with his understanding of sustainable methods in construction and with his knowledge of new technologies. He strongly believes that great projects are driven by good ideas with a great vision. In the projects he is involved, he delivers with great momentum and commitment, always maintaining a clarity until completion. His broad perspective constantly pushes the boundaries of creativity and increases the level of efficiency, bringing new resources and methods to the table.

For him, architecture has the intrinsic potential, along with the collaboration with other disciplines, to create a positive impact on society and in people’s lives. With a background in music, poetry, drawing, painting, sports, languages, Mario possesses a palette that comes into play when planning and executing projects with quality and with a subtle sensibility in the human experience.


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Master of Architecture 

University of Utah, Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Mario E. Rodríguez

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